Corporate Values / Governance

Our Corporate Values and Governance

Responsibility – Goldex Resources is responsible to our shareholders, the countries in which we operate, the local communities we come in contact with and the environment. Goldex is committed to low-impact environmental exploration, to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees and to promote local community development wherever we operate. We strive to conduct our business honestly and ethically and to treat all we come in contact with fairly and openly. We aim to be a leader in the field of responsible mining exploration and to build a strong reputation for dealing with challenges and community issues in a lawful and responsible manner.

Progressive – Through diversifying both the locations and types of mineral properties, to partnering with local and up and coming geologists, Goldex continuously reviews its strategic plan in accordance with innovation, opportunity and focus.

Experience – Goldex understands that having a management and geology team of substance is essential to being successful. Our management team has over a century of combined experience in the resources field. The exceptional experience of our exploration team is evident in their legacy of 12 producing gold mines

Excellence – Goldex Resources is dedicated to excellence both above and below the ground. Our talented and multi-national teams in Vancouver and Guatemala are matched in prestige by our high profile properties, one of which has a legacy of exploration conducted by the United Nations.

Focus – Although gold mineral exploration is the foundation of Goldex Resources, the company is dedicated to acquiring any exceptional mineral properties. Utilizing the complementary expertise of the Goldex team, the company will maintain its core business focus while embracing discovery and pursuing additional innovative and cash flow generating opportunities.

Corporate Governance
Corporate governance establishes a reasonable degree of independence of the board of directors (the “Board”) from executive management by adopting policies to ensure that the Board recognizes the principles of good management.

Directors are considered to be independent if they have no direct or indirect material relationship with Goldex.  A “material relationship” is a relationship which could, in the opinion of the Board, interfere with the exercise of any one director’s independent judgment.

The Board has concluded that its small size allows it to effectively conduct Goldex’s business at the Board level excepting, and in compliance with regulatory requirements, its delegation of certain responsibilities to an audit committee.

Goldex’s corporate governance practices are in agreement with applicable Canadian stock market compliance requirements. Goldex files documents on www.sedar.com .