Company Overview


Headquartered in Canada, Goldex’s global reach and strategic investments are the result of a well-rounded team of experts whose gold prospecting experience extends through decades of successful projects. Our world-class geology teams boast an exceptional legacy of 12 geological discoveries that became producing gold mines. Utilizing this experience Goldex has acquired the rights to two potentially exceptional properties with a third property staked.

As a result, our global investment following is propelled by listings on the Toronto Venture Exchange as well as the Frankfurt Exchange. Goldex has received the institutional support of Bolder Investment Partners, CIBC Securities, Dominick & Dominick Securities Ltd, Sprott Asset Management and Republic Investment Management PTE Ltd.

Our Strategy for Acquisitions, Exploration and Communication

To increase shareholder value and sustain company growth, Goldex Resources has outlined three principal business strategies:

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a world-renowned and diversified exploration company, known for its excellence and responsible business practices. Our mission is to increase shareholder value through focused exploration and new acquisitions brought about by Goldex’s seasoned management and geological teams.